in Saint Petersburg - 2017
25-28 May 2017


List of participants of the Pairs Tournament
valid on 24 May 2017.

# name1 name2 from
1Zaharova V.Zaharov A.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
2Gareeva L.Freidlina L.Ufa/Ufa
3Baranov A.Mironov S.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
4Zinkovskii N.Kharlamov V.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
5Ivanov A.Kiselev A.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
6Prokhorov D.Danilevskij A.Dolgoprudnij/Saint Petersburg
7Gromov A.Ruchka V.Moscow/Moscow
8Andreev V.V.Rem Y.Saint Petersburg/Novosibirsk
9Ostrikov S.Schepin A.Omsk/Omsk
10Gusev V.Rapoport V.Tver/Moscow
11Nikitina A.Sliva V.Saint Petersburg/Moscow
12Rogov D.Finagin K.Moscow/Saint Petersburg
13Gaaze O.Gaaze M.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
14Pleshkov V.Rybakov I.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
15Gonchar E.Khonicheva E.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
16Musikhin A.Serbin A/Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
17MalahevichTatarkin A.Moscow/Moscow
18Muhortov A.Postovalov I.Omsk/Ekaterinburg
19Svechnikova M.Malkova M.Moscow/Moscow
20Nokhaeva T.Gomerov P.Moscow/Saint Petersburg
21Kogan V.Natanson Y.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
22Malashenko A.Shkurat S.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
23Pavlushko O.Kychanov V.Saint Petersburg/Moscow
24Galaktionova O.Stolbovskii S.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
25Zenkevich S.Tjuhlov I.Moscow/Saint Petersburg
26Shatrov A.Karetnikov L.Moscow/Moscow
27Borodich E.Borodich Y.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
28Hlyzova E.Hlyzov E.Omsk/Omsk
29Kirillova O.Rosenblum M.Moscow/Moscow
30Fazunenko D.Azarjeva E.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
31Nevmerzhitskii A.Volkov A.Omsk/Moscow
32Druts V.Galaktionov D.Moscow/Saint Petersburg
33Ludinov A.Khakimov A.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
34Antonov I.Alekseev A.Kostroma/Saint Petersburg
35Kucherenko A.Pastuh O.Moscow/Moscow
36Bizer L.Trahms W.Moscow/USA
37Matushko G.Khohlov Y.Troitsk/Saint Petersburg
38Kozlov S.Rybnikov A.Moscow/Saint Petersburg
39Artamonov I.Mitjagina A.Moscow/Moscow
40Gavrilov O.Ivanova S.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
41Chernitsa B.Porai-Koshits A.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
42Indinbaum S.Glazov A.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
43Shalybkov D.Shigaev D.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
44Fedorov A.Levkovich G.Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg
45Olivieri G.Zaleski R.Italy/France
46Percario G.Franchi A.Italy/Italy

List of participants of the Teams Tournament

# team name from
1NomskAndreev V.V.Saint Petersburg
1NomskRem Y.Novosibirsk
1NomskOstrikov S.Omsk
1NomskSchepin A.Omsk
2Nikitina A.Saint Petersburg
2Sliva V.Moscow
2Rogov D.Moscow
2Finagin K.Saint Petersburg
3Red AlertPavlushko O.Saint Petersburg
3Red AlertKuptsov E.Moscow
3Red AlertIvanov A.Saint Petersburg
3Red AlertKiselev A.Saint Petersburg
4RefrigeratorTatarkin A.Moscow
4RefrigeratorMalahevich A.Moscow
4RefrigeratorMuhortov A.Omsk
4RefrigeratorPostovalov I.Ekaterinburg
5Nokhaeva T.Moscow
5Gomerov P.Saint Petersburg
5Mironova A.Saint Petersburg
5Mironov S.Saint Petersburg
5Malkova M.Moscow
5Svechnikova M.Moscow
6Galaktionova O.Saint Petersburg
6Stolbovskii S.Saint Petersburg
6Zenkevich S.Moscow
6Tjuhlov I.Saint Petersburg
7Gusev V.Tver
7Rapoport V.Moscow
7Kychanov V.Moscow
7Ruchka V.Moscow
8Zinkovskii N.Saint Petersburg
8Semisoshenko M.Saint Petersburg
8Kogan V.Saint Petersburg
8Natanson Y.Saint Petersburg
9Kuznetsov S.Saint Petersburg
9Kharlamov V.Saint Petersburg
9Malashenko A.Saint Petersburg
9Shkurat S.Saint Petersburg
10AlphigmaBorodich E.Saint Petersburg
10AlphigmaBorodich Y.Saint Petersburg
10AlphigmaSerbin A.Saint Petersburg
10AlphigmaAzarjeva E.Saint Petersburg
10AlphigmaMusikhin A.Saint Petersburg
10AlphigmaBaidin E.Saint Petersburg
11Prokhorov D.Dolgoprudnij
11Danilevskij A.Saint Petersburg
11Galaktionov D.Saint Petersburg
11Druts V.Moscow
12Gulevich A.Moscow
12Khonicheva E.Saint Petersburg
12Gromov A.Moscow
12Khohlov Y.Saint Petersburg
12Matushko G.Troitsk
13Mitjagina A.Moscow
13Artamonov I.Moscow
13Kozlov S.Moscow
13Rybnikov A.Saint Petersburg
14Zaharov A.Saint Petersburg
14Zaharova V.Saint Petersburg
14Gaaze M.Saint Petersburg
14Gaaze O.Saint Petersburg
15Kirillova O.Moscow
15Rosenblum M.Moscow
15Shalybkov D.Saint Petersburg
15Shigaev D.Saint Petersburg
16Olivieri G.Italy
16Zaleski R.France
16Percario G.Italy
16Franchi A.Italy
17Karetnikov L.Moscow
17Shatrov A.Saint Petersburg
17Hlyzova E.Omsk
17Hlyzov E.Omsk
18Zuev M.Omsk
18Rudenko K.Moscow
18Volkov A.Moscow
18Nevmerzhitskii A.Omsk
19Gavrilov O.Saint Petersburg
19Babenko E.Saint Petersburg
19Glazov A.Saint Petersburg
19Indinbaum S.Saint Petersburg
19Pleshkov V.Saint Petersburg
20Chernitsa B.Saint Petersburg
20Porai-Koshits A.Saint Petersburg
20Antonov I.Kostroma
20Palagin G.Moscow

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